See You Next Wednesday
Friday, March 26
The week is done.

Tomorrow I hope to move furniture.

The next day my sister will visit, which is nice.
Friday, March 19
Start again.

On Monday we were all prepared to do it. On Tuesday they told us it had changed. We were supposed to have been be told on Monday - Monday last week, that is. On Wednesday some others spoke to them about the changes to it. On Thursday we were told by the others that it could no longer be done, so they will call it off. Today we are supposed to be working on a different thing because it will be called off, only they haven't actually called it off yet. We should hear something soon - on Monday perhaps.
Thursday, March 18
Better and less bad.

Mouth is ick-free - but then I ate some of them hot potatoes and now it's tastebud-free. Oops.
Monday, March 15
In others' news.

Emma-Jean flew to America. She is visiting some online friends and attending the Emerald City ComiCon before visiting some universities to explore her options for becoming Dr Emma-Jean. In a piece of timing which beggars belief, her real estate agent called after she checked in her luggage and before she went through customs to say she and Gavin were being evicted. I will be helping Gavin pack up their house and move to a new one; hopefully before Emma-Jean returns in three weeks. That would be nice.

Officially not sick.

The ick under my tongue is a virus which causes blisters. It probably has a name, but not one worth mentioning to the patient. (And it's not herpes.) It can extend through the alimentary canal and if my bottom starts bleeding then I will be officially sick - as you would expect, with or without the ick-mouth. But, until that happens, I just have a virus which causes blisters, so it's the rest of the antiviral drugs and plenty more of fluids for me.
Saturday, March 13

My tongue has about a dozen little blisters on the underside. The doctor knows what it looks like (herpes) but it isn't accompanied by any of the other, usually more common, symptoms (e.g. a cold sore). The tests come back on Monday. Meanwhile it's plenty of fluids and antiviral drugs for me and distant social contact. It feels like I've bitten my tongue quite hard just a few miutes ago.

(Also, it doesn't look like the pictures on the Internet. Take note, Internet dependent self-diagnosticians.)
Tuesday, March 9
Happy times and places.

At another pub quiz with Bill, Dave, Dave, Dawn, Doris, Gabrielle, John, Lee-Anne and Maryanne we won a lot of hats.

I looked at two houses with Shy; still no luck. It seems the period between Christmas and Easter forms a bit of a trough in the real estate market. I have another theory of real estate: houses are built for nuclear families so only one bedroom needs to be large enough to fit a double bed, at least for the specific case of houses which go up for sale. Saturday evening was spent with Emma-Jean, Gavin, Matt and Terence at the Pro Wrestling Alliance National Championship event, which was nice. (The evening could have continued at a nightclub or two but I'd had such a good time so far I didn't want spoil it.)

Celebrated young mister Bryce's birthday (eve) at lunch, including delicious caramel birthday cake, with Alex, Angela, Emma-Jean, Gavin, James, Matt, Michael, Morgyn, Shy and Terence. That was followed by birthday singing of Beatles and Queen songs karaoke style with Matt's home entertainment system (and fewer people). Then we ate tasty Turkish birthday dinner; and eventually watched Zoolander (with even fewer people). Good party, Bryce.

No work today because: we live in Canberra. I watched Alice in Wonderland on the big screen with Narayan, Seema and Shy. Then I was lucky enough to catch up with Emma-Jean and Matt for a game of Bryce's birthday (for reals today) present Ticket to Ride - Märklin. Bryce won but everybody else had a good excuse for why they were fifty or sixty points behind him. No, really, it was just bad luck and not because it was his birthday.

Work today, but I do get to play games with Dave, Emma-Jean, Gavin and Jimbo tonight, which is nice.
Wednesday, March 3

Today, I am a sleepy-head.
Tuesday, March 2
Muppets butt heads.

The writer's meeting gave Fozzie a few pointers and he polished up his routine. At the read-through Gonzo pointed out a spelling error. Fozzie said it didn't matter, it was a read-through.Gonzo pointed out a grammatical error. Fozzie said it was common usage but he would change it if Gonzo insisted. Gonzo didn't insist. Then Gonzo pointed out another spelling error. Fozzie suggested Gonzo should keep the spelling lesson until after the read-through if it wasn't interfering with the readability of the script. Gonzo agreed. Then Gonzo had a problem with Fozzie's golliwog reference because somebody might not think it was a joke. Fozzie suggested if somebody was at a comedy show they would be expecting jokes. Gonzo said the blonde joke and the gay joke might also cause offence (he also found a grammatical error in the blonde joke but said it wasn't important). Fozzie asked Gonzo why he was bringing up these issues at the read-through instead of at the writer's meeting. Gonzo agreed the writer's meeting was the best time to discuss the problems, but that was no reason not to correct them now. Fozzie said Gonzo was a pedantic control-freak and the reason they had the writer's meeting, which Gonzo was at, was to deal with this type of thing so the read-through would go smoothly. Gonzo agreed, then he pointed out Fozzie had used "effect" in an ambiguous way. If he had spelled "affect" incorrectly then it made sense but if he did mean "effect" then it wasn't really humorous. Fozzie called Gonzo a megalomaniac and stormed out of the read-through. Later, Fozzie asked me to proofread his script; and Gonzo asked me what a megalomaniac was.
This may not sound like the snappiest line from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), but it evidently caught the imagination of John Landis, who has worked references to a mythical film of this name into most of his own movies - memorably as the grotty British skinflick watched by an assortment of lycanthropes and zombies in the climax of An American Werewolf in Paris [sic] (1981). Ghastly Beyond Belief, Neil Gaiman and Kim Newman

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