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Wednesday, October 24
Still ill.

I went back to work for two hours before going to see my doctor. Now I have the rest of the week off. I have been instructed to rest, remain hydrated ("Sip sip sip all day", he said.) and, when I am well again, increase my regular exercise. So I will be drinking more yummy lemony-honey drinks (featuring ginger) and watching the rest of Edge of Darkness. Later I must think about exercising.
Tuesday, October 23
Must. Blog. Better.

I have a sore throat which is trying to get into my nose and ears. Fortunately I also have friends who dole out health giving stuff like lemons, garlic, mouthwash and advice. Friends are most excellent, thank you friends. Illness is affecting my concentration, I've only got this far because I'm home from work and undistracted. I don't know how well developed this entry will be, but I'm told to blog anyway; people don't read this for my linguistic stylings. (See, I know that's the wrong word but I also know I can't think of the right one at the moment.)

I went to the Canberra Nara Candle Festival with Jen and Risa* on Saturday. It was pretty and entertaining. I saw Once with Emma on Sunday and did a little shopping and ate pancakes, which was nice. Once was fun and kind and character driven and a musical, but in a good way. On Sunday evening I took Jen to dinner at Emma and Gavin's with Alex, Liz, Mark, Pat, Shy, Terence and Tim. My throat was behaving poorly and Jen was tired so we left early. On the way home we met Larry who had been celebrating his seventy-fifth birthday and fallen over drunk in the road. While we were escorting him home and calling a friend to check on him I missed a couple of phone calls. They related to sad news which Dave can tell you about here.

*Actual spelling may be simulated.
Monday, October 15
One weekend later.

On Saturday I caught up with the internet things which I had fallen behind while my access was curtailed. Then I went to the roleplaying meetup at Rubees. It grew loud and churlish as the time passed. Other weekend activities included pruning spring back from the driveway, additional new internet things, and watching Edge of Darkness.

I hope you are enjoying all my friends now you have ruined my life.

I had coffee with Jen at The Front Cafe on Sunday. A friend of the staff had received a nasty message from her ex via Facebook. She didn't really care so she was showing it off and causing so many incredulous gasps we had to ask. According to the photographic evidence on Facebook, his ruined life includes a skiing holiday in Europe with his new girlfriend.

Horror makes me sleepy.

On Sunday evening I had dinner at Emma and Gavin's with Alex, Liz, Mark, Shy and Terence. It was a pot luck dinner including borscht, coq au vin and pad thai. We watched the last episode of Jekyll. I had fallen asleep when I watched it with Linda but this time I stayed awake, which was nice. I still think the final twist undermines much of the story and makes it pointless, but that might be because I had fallen asleep when I was watching the second last episode, too.


Telstra sent me this message:
Watch exclusive live Paul
Kelly gig from BigPond 2nite
at 8:45EST for $2.95. click
here now: http://specialeventt 2 optout
our Mktg 1800039059 gave me a "404 not found" message. I called "our Mktg" and was eventually put through by the voice recognition software to a consultant. I related the message and said I wanted "2 optout" but I didn't know how to "click here now". The consultant asked what model of phone I had, so I told her I don't know because it's not written on my phone. She got my details and password and checked my account, but it wasn't written there either. She suggested trying the enter or return key, my phone doesn't have any of those so I tried the OK, Options and Use keys instead. All I could get were my text message options, so she suggested turning my phone off and on again. After applying the panacea I could still only get were my text message options, so she suggested deleting the message. I asked why she thought "click here now" meant "delete this message". We discussed it and she put me on hold while she asked someone else. Someone else apparently agreed with her so I thanked her and called "our Mktg" again. This time, after failing to identify my model of phone, the consultant opted me out of the promotion herself.

Do new phones have a trackball or a mouse or something?
Saturday, October 13
Liz & Mike got married.

Everything went swimmingly from the string quartet on the iPod to the hand-painted shoes. Liz was resplendent, radiant and just a little late. Emma and Shy were her bridesmaids, and looked completely shaggable in their purple frocks. During the ceremony Shy held the bouquet and Emma held the mobile phone Liz's parents were on the other end off. Mike was there too and performed well in the role of groom. (I did forget my camera. Hopefully there will be many digital photos available elsewhere.) I cried, twice.
Wednesday, October 3

Recently I have been posting infrequently. This was scaled down to opportunistically on the weekend when the internet service provider closed Linda's account. Now I have to post from wherever I can, which does not include work due to organizational policy. "Hello" from a Public Internet & Email kiosk at Woden Plaza. I expect my currency in cyberspace to practically cease for the time being.


Meanwhile, at work, I have been writing cue cards for nearly two weeks. The sketch hasn't been written yet. There is an outline so I can estimate where to put the "(pause for laughter)". There aren't any actual jokes as such, or even dialogue really.

On the weekend I played in Emma's systemless, almost diceless, L&O:ACT cop squad game with Dan, Gavin, Graham, James, Jeremey, Narayan, Pat & Shy, and Terence for the RPG Meetup Blue Moon Game. Thoroughly excellent and totally fun, as usual. Then I played in Dan's Shadowrun-ish action movie pastiche with James, Jeremey, Narayan, Pat & Shy, and Terence which was also great and violent fun. On Sunday I visited my mum and went to dinner at Emma and Gavin's with Alex, James, Liz, Mark, Pat & Shy, and Terence. I had a lot of trouble being heard. On Monday I went to the Patcave to learn how to play Big Eyes, Small Mouth but James and Pat & Shy went to the movies instead. After lunch we walked around a lake and then I went home again. I went to bed at eight. On Tuesday (after writing cue cards all day) I played Burning Wheel with Dave, Emma and Simon; which was nice.
This may not sound like the snappiest line from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), but it evidently caught the imagination of John Landis, who has worked references to a mythical film of this name into most of his own movies - memorably as the grotty British skinflick watched by an assortment of lycanthropes and zombies in the climax of An American Werewolf in Paris [sic] (1981). Ghastly Beyond Belief, Neil Gaiman and Kim Newman

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