See You Next Wednesday
Wednesday, July 23

I just noticed it was Wednesday and I haven't blogged. What did I do this week? I remember I had coffee with friends at Lisboa for the first time in ages... Oh yeah, I had Friday off and spent an excellent long weekend hanging out with Emma a lot - I remember on Monday I felt like I had been on vacation, which is nice.
Wednesday, July 16

I know stuff has happened, but I can't think what to write... I didn't manage to catch Polly at home for her birthday.

March, please.

I'm going to visit my sister in London with my ma next year. We're going in March for (nearly) three months. If it was March now I wouldn't have to go to work. Only 226 sleeps. Moving house has put my holiday savings about three grand in the hole. I was going to buy a laptop with wireless internet and take my digital camera and do a vacation blog, but I won't now. I wonder if someone wants a housesitter?

Games are fun.

RPGMeetup was on Saturday; big and loud and going from strength to strength. On Sunday I went to Mind Games' monthly Boardgame Day where I met Ben and Bernard and we played Stone Age. In the afternoon I played Dungeons & Dragons at Duffy Street. We ironed some kinks in our combat a bit more and I tried out my eladrin wizard's big powers. John ran a side adventure for Ars Magica on Monday. Shy brought Matt along to play which was good, although it was a companion adventure so the system wasn't presented in its best light. The adventure was fabulous and featured the Steward of the Marshes who was a giant talking crayfish. Yesterday there was more Dungeons & Dragons where we learned an important lesson about how important not rolling poorly is to character survivability. (It didn't help my character that I had used his best tricks to overcome the minions on Sunday before we went through the waterfall to find the big bad guy.) Fourth Edition is growing on me as a player but I'm reading the Dungeon Master's Guide (I have to run my own game soon) and it's might not be my kind of game to run. Time will tell.
Wednesday, July 9
Dangerous Wayfarers, adieu.

After three and a half years my monthly Dungeons & Dragons game has concluded. They fought the underdwarfs and dismantled their terraforming device. Here endeth the campaign. Now I am learning how to run fourth edition. This will be with a smaller party and I hope to create a smaller campaign, probably episodic. Then I might find time to play other games, probably one shots of old systems. Let’s see how it goes.


Emma has gone to New Zealand for a week. I miss her.

More curtain shenanigans.

Miss Piggy: I know I have nothing to do with it, but why are we threading ribbons through the ropes?
Gonzo: The rats need the ribbons to mark where to pull the rope to so the fly is at the correct height.
Miss Piggy: But they're ribbons. I don't think the rats need marks to tell where to pull the rope to.
Gonzo: Well they do; if they don't pull the rope to the right position then a curtain might pile on the stage causing a hazard, or a scenery wall might be floating off the ground.
Miss Piggy: Then you should check with the rats because I don't think this is necessary.
Wednesday, July 2
Don't backchat me, I know curtains.

Thog is in charge of the stage curtains. One of the curtains was out of alignment and didn't reach the floor so the audience could see Annie Sue's feet when she was supposed to be disappeared by The Amazing Mumford last week. Rowlf had washed and rehung the curtains on the weekend. Thog asked Rowlf to find out how the curtain had become misaligned so it could be avoided in the future. Rowlf pointed out Mumford's act was during the week before he hung the curtains. Thog asked Rowlf to find out how the curtain had become misaligned. Rowlf said the curtain was no longer misaligned after he rehung it. Thog asked Rowlf how the curtain had become misaligned. Rowlf told Thog to do his own job. Thog asked me to find out how the curtain had become misaligned. Rowlf told me not to bother. I suspect it was a stuck pulley.

New series: LJ Chopper Bunch.

Chopper was meant to inspect the new* house after the first month but didn't show up. When I rang, Chopper said Revs was meant to do it and asked if I wanted to reschedule the inspection. I said, "It's your inspection, that's up to you.". Chopper explained it was regular procedure to inspect the property after the first month of tenancy (mistaking me for someone who did her job). She rescheduled the inspection for Tuesday. After nobody showed on Tuesday, Chopper called to say Revs would be around at half past nine the next day. Revs did show up this morning, late, did a quick lap and mentioned to Linda how things are crazy right now (mistaking her for someone who gives a shit).

The Doctor Who drinking game.

The rule: Take a drink when someone says "Doctor".

*Old house we moved to.
This may not sound like the snappiest line from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), but it evidently caught the imagination of John Landis, who has worked references to a mythical film of this name into most of his own movies - memorably as the grotty British skinflick watched by an assortment of lycanthropes and zombies in the climax of An American Werewolf in Paris [sic] (1981). Ghastly Beyond Belief, Neil Gaiman and Kim Newman

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