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Tuesday, November 25
Beyond difficult comprehension.

Gonzo pointed out The Flying ZucchiniBrothers poster was incorrectly punctuated. There should be a space between the "Zucchini" and the "Brothers" would seem the obvious error, and maybe it is. But Sam the Eagle believes "incorrectly punctuated" means The Flying Zucchini and Brothers are two separate acts, mistakenly amalgamated on the roster, and nobody has noticed until now. Sam doesn't work in the office, but he is a bully. Now we have to: not tell Kermit so he isn't embarrassed by this enormous disaster (or possibly point out any flaws in Sam the Eagle's idea); cut The Electric Mayhem to make space for Brothers in the program; search for details of Brothers' act to see how much space we need to make in the program; get Scooter to find out how to go about not paying the band; assume Brothers' act is similar to The Flying Zucchini's act, after all Kermit did get the two confused, and forge the missing paperwork; write a short opinion piece to fill in because The Electric Mayhem's time slot was longer than the Brothers' act requires (Sam the Eagle took this task on himself); tell Doctor Teeth to ask Scooter about the band getting paid; rearrange the program to put as many other performances in between The Flying Zucchini and Brothers so the audience doesn't notice the similarities; and reprint the posters.
Also, doing it in that order makes sense to the brain which came up with the "mistakenly amalgamated" resolution for the "incorrectly punctuated" issue. Can you imagine what a brain which thinks like that looks like? I suspect it would be made of cloth. Maybe I should cut open Sam the Eagle's skull to check.

And another thing,

Another brain I am morbidly curious about is the brain which thought to enter The Electric Mayhem’s Retainer Payment in Lieu of Contracted Performance submission on a Harass with Litigious Prejudice for Criminal Behaviour Involving Puppies form.
Friday, November 21
Make blog, not sleep.

Work has been more stupidly busy - I even went in on Saturday. Then I played Burning Wheel, poorly; I keep forgetting to involve my character's beliefs when I'm coming up with conflict stakes and concessions. On Tuesday night we played Guitar Hero World Tour, which was nice. Tomorrow I'm going to the Blue Moon Con and on Sunday afternoon there are drinks at Emma and Gavin's new and still empty house.

I still have not found my camera driver. Also, the earpiece I want was not in stock when I went to buy it. I'll have another look around this weekend because it was in all the stores last month. I did get a plug adaptor for Great Britain.
Wednesday, November 12
Habit forming.

If I'm going to blog with sound and pictures on my trip next year I should get in the habit of actually blogging regularly. Also, I need a camera (Canon DIGITAL IXUS 300) driver to install on my splendid laptop. The original disc wasn't in the box I thought it would be in. I found a driver online but it can't detect the photographs. The camera is five years old so I investigated an online driver maintenance program which might have tracked down some alternatives. After I registered my e-mail address and my computer was scanned they asked for $29.95 and my credit card details. As this was the first time a price was mentioned, and they potentially had enough information to steal my identity, I declined their crassly marketed offer. (It was a Canon site, so I'm confident my identity will remain my own.) I'm pinning my hopes on the disc turning up soon.

In other plans I think I know where my passport is.
Thursday, November 6
Not so big.

The Muppets are seeking an appearance by a “Big Star”. They wanted me to negotiate the contract but I wasn’t available so Floyd and Janice went. The Big Star’s agent opened with a ridiculous offer and prepared to negotiate. Floyd and Janice said don’t be ridiculous (or words to that effect) and left. I can guess what was offered, and what would have been negotiable, but because contracts are confidential Floyd and Janice can’t tell me. They can’t even say who the “Big Star” is, but they did say they had never heard of the “Big Star” before the meeting.
Wednesday, November 5
Congratulations, Paul and Miranda.
Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

I went to my cousin Paul's wedding. It was fabulous. I love my Ma's family, they are great people, and now I have a new cousin. Miranda and Paul are police officers and the wedding was at the Victoria Police Academy Chapel which is rather grand. They had friends play music and sing at the ceremony; a friend did all the flowers, including the bouquet; they were driven around in a friend's vintage Jaguar; and a friend of a friend got them a discount on the reception. There was lots of family there too. I was at the cousins table at the reception with Anna and Antony C, who it was great to catch up with; and Antony H and Sonya, Paul's other cousins, and Mick and Karyn, partner's of Anna and Antony H, who it was great to meet. Amongst the uncles and aunts was my great-uncle Max who I am alleged to be the spitting image of. I hope I continue in that vein because he's currently a bright and active octagenarian. (I'd better lose some weight. Also, I could grow a few inches; Paul is 191cm and Antony is a bit taller - they're supposed to be little.)
This may not sound like the snappiest line from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), but it evidently caught the imagination of John Landis, who has worked references to a mythical film of this name into most of his own movies - memorably as the grotty British skinflick watched by an assortment of lycanthropes and zombies in the climax of An American Werewolf in Paris [sic] (1981). Ghastly Beyond Belief, Neil Gaiman and Kim Newman

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